Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A new day, a new blog ....

So here I am a new blogger. I will have to work hard to have witty and interesting things to say. Mostly I wanted to share my love of quilting, and my quilting adventures, the good the bad and the ugly. Honestly there are no bad or ugly quilts, so it's all GOOD. And that's the truth about quilting, it's all good. I have met so many wonderful and amazingly talented people through quilting they inspire me everyday.

Please bear with me as I construct my blog, I know I will get better as I go.

This is a red work piece I am quilting today for one of my amazingly talented customers. This picture doesn't show the intricate detail but trust me it is AMAZING. I wish it were mine, but then the red work wouldn't be as good *sigh*.


  1. Hi Mom! I'm bookmarking your blog right now so I can keep up with your quilting adventures! If this goes viral and you ever need an editor, you know I'm your girl. ;-)

    your daughter (the cool one)

  2. Hi Kim, I know, I'm terible, I followed you home then just had to be your first follower, I promise I will only be a stalker of the blogging kind.....Good Luck with your new blog

    Best Wishes from another Kay
    but this one is in Scotland