Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seeing stars

Okay first thing is first, I have been a bad bad blogger. It has been too long since my last post. So now that I have that off my chest *whew* I feel better now. I have been selfishly busy with family, friends and my own quilting. Check it out, just look at all those perfect points.

This is the Judy Niemeyer I have been working on. My first paper piecing EVER, and I am really liking it. Her patterns come with very detailed instructions. I am amazed that I can make these pointy stars, and it's addicting!! You can check out her patterns at http://www.quiltworx.com/ they are all so yummy.

In these parts today was the opening day of gun season for deer hunters. It's a big deal in our house, both of our sons are here to hunt and of course hubby wouldn't miss it either. So my job is to make a big pot of chili, and keep the piles of hunting cloths and boots IN the mud room. I like the tradition of the hunt, but there's a little too much testosterone around here for me. This was the view from hubby's blind on this foggy opening morning.

And here is a peek at the next quilt up .....

A nicely pieced log cabin with patriotic fabrics. Stars and stripes for this one, I'll have fun with it.

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